We at My Frame put the customer at the center, offering the first advanced customization service that can be found in the sector. In fact, during the purchase phase of one of our frames, there is the possibility to customize the selected frame in many aspects, from colors to prints, from the type of carbon to the finishing of the work. But this was not enough for us, we wanted to go further and that is where the idea of Custom Kits was born. There are two types of Kits, the Personal and the Personal Plus, let’s take a closer look at them.

Personal Kit

It is the most common and inexpensive customization kit, it allows you to choose a letter of your choice, be it the initial of your name or that of the team you fly with, and see it carved on one of the plates of the chosen Frame.

Personal Plus Kit

Here we are at the top step, with a slightly higher cost you fly a single Frame, send us the logo of your page, your YouTube channel or your Team, after a brief feasibility assessment we will show you a digital prototype that will then will be engraved on one of the plates of the chosen Frame.

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